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GlassUp is an Italian startup, agumented reality is our job. Since foundation, we’ve been working to develop and create the ultimate smartglasses, always carrying two clear goals in mind: realizing stylish and hi-tech eyewear to free smartphone users from the constant need of checking their phone screens; make industrial augmented reality visors to increase safety and productivity on the shopfloor. To do this, we designed two different lines: GlassUp UNO and GlassUp F4.

Our mission

Becoming a benchmark in the international market of AR is our goal. We want to make augmented reality an actual part of everyone’s daily life. GlassUp smartglasses mean high tecnology, Italian design and usability. All at an accessible price.

Our vision

We strongly believe that wearables and AR will soon become familiar to everyone. They will drastically enhance the way we work, practice sport, play games: simply put, the way we live. We work to become leader in this revolution.

Our philosophy

Since its birth, GlassUp has worked to combine high standards in design and production with approachable prices. We believe in ethic of work and fair competition. We love our planet and think that the very scope of wearable technologies is to improve the quality of life. This can be achieved only by making them accessible.


Francesco Giartosio


Federico Canuti


Enzo Francesca


Emiliano Della Casa

Product Manager

Thomas Miletti

Manager of Optics Department

Massimo Bernardini

Senior Hw Sw Developer

Cristina Cavallaro


Antonella d'Angelo


Marco Francardi

Manager of Optics Department

Donato Gagliardi

Marketing Specialist

Manuel Montini

Chief of Software Development Department

Entela Gurabardhi

Junior Software Developer

Daniele Meschiari

Senior Software Developer

Francesco Palumbo

Senior Software Developer

Nicola Truant

Junior Researcher Optoelectronics

Saverio Zangaro

Senior Test Engineer

Emanuele Artioli

Junior Sales Agent

Gianluigi Tregnaghi

IP Manager


We are always looking for augmented reality enthusiasts to join our team and help advance the wearable technology revolution. Coders, engineers, optics and augmented reality experts are the ones we need the most. See our Careers page to check out all the open positions. Don’t see anything suitable for your skills but you’d love to join our smartglasses world? Drop us a line (and your CV) explaining why we should choose you!

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