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Superpower to workers


Videostreaming and voice call. Visualization of worker’s point of view while on the job

On the job training

On the field training through e-learning, interactive contents and remote support


Storage, picking and handling support in warehouses and plants

Quality Control

Product conformity assessment by image and edge recognition

Danger detection

Man down, overheating, alert visualization from on-machine sensors

Mantainance support

Remote assistence and AR handbooks for mantainance and support


Smart, safe, powerful

GlassUp F4 is a hands free wearable device designed to push boundaries in industrial, medical, logistical and every other professional field. Several pre-installed apps are part of the basic suite which comes with the glasses, but GlassUp developers also support companies, IoT platforms and software houses in integration and customization. Contact us and get more insights!

Added value

Glass is more


GlassUp F4 are designed to deliver AR solutions that best suit your professional daily tasks and enhance industrial processes. We tailor-make hardware and software to each client’s needs, improving productivity, empowering workers and guaranteeing work health and safety.


Italy is homeland of design. GlassUp F4 smartglasses combine high technology and comfort with a super-worker aesthetics. F4 are full color monocular, with a 22° FOV, an onboard camera and a thermographic camera.


GlassUp offers assistance and training for the actual use of augmented reality “on the job”. Furthermore, we provide services of software integration and development – according to the client’s needs – whether required for specific applications of the device.

Case studies

Augmented reality in action


Doctor Stefano Rausei’s surgical team of Ospedale di Circolo, Varese, operated a laparoscopic biopsy, visualizing the shooting of the microcamera directly on the doctors’ field of view. GlassUp is also working with Bologna Sant’Orsola Hospital in developing new applications for maxillofacial interventions.

Metal working

GlassUp F4 have been adopted by world leading companies in aluminium and PVC processing. Workers wear GlassUp visors to get faster training, increase safety and get real time instructions by remote help desk assistance while mantaining the machines.


SatisFactory is an European project (Horizon 2020) that will enable communication of information and knowledge among factory actors, either at their workplaces or on the move, using wearable and adaptive devices such as augmented reality glasses. Employing of the human-centered design techniques will ensure the development of an optimal working experience. Thus, SatisFactory will bring novel interaction and collaboration technologies to the shop floor, improving overall working experience and thereby increasing workers’ productivity (http://www.satisfactory-project.eu/satisfactory/)

Technical sheet

DisplayRight eye
LCD display pixel number640x480 (VGA)
Field of view22°
OS on boardLinux based
SDKC# , Python, Java (Android, Desktop), C++, JavaScript, ObjectiveC, Perl, PHP, QT5, Ruby, Swift
ProcessorCortex A9
VideocameraFull color, 5 Mega Pixel, 15 FPS
ConnectivityWiFi, Bluetooth®, 3G
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