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About us

30 October 2018

Once upon a time there was an ambitious project and an entrepreneur with a passion for new technologies. Today, there is an innovative reality wchich, driven by Francesco Giartosio, has been able to realize that project. This reality is called GlassUp and is based in Modena, a renowned industrial district in the automotive, ceramic and food-and-wine sectors.

GlassUp, which develops and manufactures augmented reality visors, came to the fore in early 2017 when the Italian Patent and Trademark Office finally sanctioned the victory of the legal battle by the Modena startup against the American giant Google. Google had in fact objected to the registration of the trademark as it was considered too similar to the “Google Glass” brand. This, however, is only part of the story because developing devices means embarking on an uneasy path, made of constant research, studies and tests, made of numerous races against the clock that only a lot of passion and constancy can help to win.

Today GlassUp is a solid and more structured company, composed by a highly skilled team and repository of a specific know-how.
Point of reference for the companies looking for solutions that can revolutionize the way remote maintenance and assistance can be done, GlassUp offers a ready-to-go solution. It is GlassUp F4 :  lightweight but resistant hands-free visor, which, thanks to augmented reality technology, can provide operators on the shop floors with valuable information to intervene on plants and machineries. GlassUp F4 is a B2B oriented product designed for workers on shop floors. In addition to the information overlaid on the reality, the goggle comes with a remote control Dashboard which allows the user to share the point of view of any paired GlassUp F4, manage voice call, and much more. Today, GlassUp has over 40 customers, manufacturing, packaging and construction companies which decided to ride the wave of Industry 4.0 to boost their industrial productivity, saving time and costs.

We have already achieved a lot of goals. Among these, the victory of two Horizon 2020 calls for a total value of about 1.5Million €. Currently, GlassUp is also among the 5 Italian finalists for the Innovation Radar Prize 2018, competition launched by the European Commission to identify  Europe’s top innovators.

Up until 12 November 2018, you can vote for our project here!