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GlassUp in partnership with Cea: 50 Goggles to the Emilian company

8 August 2018

Industria 4.0 National Plan is now well-known to most companies in Italy. CEA, construction company based in Calderara di Reno (BO), driven by government incentives, has purchased 50 GlassUp F4: augmented reality glasses for industrial use. F4, with its robust design and comfortable fit, is a protective mask allowing contents’ displaying (pdf, images, instruction manual and, in general, any information able to back up work processes).

The 50 Emilian workers, equipped with as many smartglasses, will experience the augmented reality technology in construction sites. The goal? Optimize the maintenance of infrastructures by using F4 remote assistance function. Thus, foreman will be able to remotely monitor works on site and provide operators who are wearing F4 with useful information on the necessary maintenance operations. All of this, thanks to vocal call and streaming video. Moreover, while streaming, workers will able to grab frames and send them real time to the supervisor’s dashboard through which they can be graphically modified. The non-intrusive field of view and hands-free logic of the device will leave workers focused on action. Another function of F4 is then that of on the job training, thanks to which, in e-learning mode, trainee workers can visualize learning contents, such as tutorials realized with f4 by experienced colleagues.

F4, as human-machine interface, is widely used, as well as on building sites and in those contexts of infrastructures, even in all manufacturing companies and, in general, in all those companies that, want to be smarter but with robust and easy to use technological devices.