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National Plan for Industry 4.0

19 June 2017

GlassUp F4: giving workers superpowers

Enhancing vision, potentiating knowledge, accelerating industrial processes and improving safety, in few words: giving superpowers to workers. Carrying this cornerstone priciple clear in mind,  GlassUp team realized F4, the first augmented reality visor for industrial applications. Fully designed and developed in Italy – homeland of industrial design – F4 glasses treasure this tradition, combining most advanced technology with Bel Design, completely devoted to workers safety and comfort. GlassUp F4 offer a multicolor, 21° FOV vision to the wearer, also carrying a videocamera, a thermographic camera, an illumination system and voice control, just to name few cutting-edge hardware specs. Software side, GlassUp ensures tailor-made AR solutions to every company interested in its products, constantly being open for external consulting and assistence during the integration process with pre-existent plant CIM. GlassUp products and services allow companies to increase productivity, slash down costs for machines mantainance, while improving safety and conditions of work, fully reflecting Industry 4.0 philosophy.


National Plan for Industry 4.0 

Italian Economic Development Ministry recently published a dedicated guide, with regards to all the implementation tools deployed by the National Plan for Industry 4.0. The guide describes all the measures the Italian government undertook, mainly following four strategic directives: enhacing innovative investments (i); increasing enabling infrastructures (ii); improving industrial R&D (iii); raising awareness and governance (iv). The plan foresees an hyper-amortization with a 250% share percentage for all the investments made in material capital goods, with a clear innovation purpose. The current super-amortization with a 140% share percentage will be extended, including investments in immaterial capital goods (i.e. softwares). The tax credit for R&D activities and investments will be raised to 50%Also the funding of tech-intensive start-up by big companies will be incentivized.


How to enter the National Plan

The online info-point to access the National Plan is available since the 1st of March. The ministerial directive published on the 15th of February (#14036), offers all the instructions, also introducing the templates and the complete documentation that all the companies are required to present to actually benefit of all facilitations. All SMEs are asked to present to their bank the official funding request. The bank will verify the documentation and will transmit it to the Ministry. Once obtained the green light, the bank is enabled to concede the fundings. In a second phase, the company benefiting of the incentives will compile the online declaration requesting the first round of fundings. Dowload all the necessary documentation here.


Teleservices and other use cases

After almost two years of research and development, F4 glasses are now able to cover a vast scale of functionalities, fromindoor navigation, to e-learning/on the job training and danger-detection (thanks to the on-board thermographic camera). Furthermore, being the visor equipped of its own Linux-based OS, potential applications for image recognitionare boundless.  Particular attention is gaining the teleservice application. Through the glasses videocamera – and thanks to an apposite desktop software developed by GlassUp – remote operator are enabled to see the point of view of on-machine workers, guiding them through the mantainance process, slashing down costs and time spent for repairing and upkeeping.


To arrange a meeting or a call, please contact us at federico.canuti@glassup.net (Mr.Federico Canuti, Marketing Manger).