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GlassUp F4


GlassUp F4 are augmented reality goggles designed to revolutionize industrial productivity. They can be used stand-alone or in pairs with a dashboard, a client application that allows the user to share the point of view of any paired GlassUp F4. Robust and light, F4 can be used for remote assistance, on the job training and much more.


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GlassUp F4 has a full color monocular display with 640×480 resolution and 22° FOV. The polycarbonate lenses are available in two shades: transparent or dark for external environment or bright ambience. The device has two slots for a 5 mega pixel camera and a led light. The third slot can be customised. The honeycomb heat sink, housed in the upper part of the device, avoids overheating, even if you have been using the device for hours. GlassUp F4 has a Cortex A9 processor, is equipped with: 16GB SD Memory Card, accelerometer, gyroscope and headphone jack for vocal calls. 
OS is Linux. Visor connects to a remote controller via micro USB-C cable. The controller contains a 6-hour rechargeable lithium polymer battery, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity modules and 13 control keys, which can be customized. CE certified, IP 31, safety glasses compatible.


  • Integrated system visor + remote control dashboard
  • Video streaming F4 pov
  • Communication on VOIP
  • Sending/receiving data
  • Barcode and QR code reading (optional)
  • PPE compatible


The case, in polypropylene (345x266x165 mm) contains:

  • GlassUp F4 visor (251 g)
  • Controller (243 g)
  • Micro USB-C cable visor/controller
  • Battery charger 100-240 V AC
  • USB-USB cable (charger/controller)
  • Headphones jack
  • Clot for cleaning


Download Minimum Technical Requirements here

Download GlassUp F4 Datasheet here

Download GlassUp F4 User Guide here

Download GlassUp F4 Dashboard User Guide here